The Pioneers of Maui

The Pioneers of Maui is an explosive mix of two spectacular yet highly incompatible elements: the human singing voice, full of sound and verve, and the underwater world, silent and mysterious.

The script revolves around an impossible challenge; Al-Ohà, the outlandish fish conductor of a popular underwater band wants to find and record the human nightingale voice which is in reality the human singing voice, the representation of “Perfect Harmony”.

This obsession drives the conductor and his friends, known as the “Pioneers of Maui”, into embarking on an extraordinary and dangerous journey, which brings the Pioneers from the Hawaiian waters to the unknown world of the “Dry-ones”, as the fish call the humans.

The Pioneers’ extraordinary journey, both exterior and interior, not only allows the fish to see a performance in a theater on land, but also makes them discover that “Perfect Harmony” is much more than mere musical harmony.