About me

I came into this world during the war so I was kissed, folded and neatly placed in the top drawer of a dresser. My spirit of survival came into play. “Don’t cry, don’t make matters worse”, I kept repeating to myself. More out of necessity than by conviction, I developed an iron will, an adaptable personality, and a natural propensity for a “happy ending”. My works reflect this positive vision of life and my characters, whether they are heroes, teenagers in crisis or imaginary creatures, have a common denominator: the courage to put themselves out there… just like me.

Over the years, I have always handled the three P’s “Passion, Patience, Perseverance” with ease.

Throughout my school years, I took part in various essay competitions and my work was frequently chosen. After my studies I got married and dedicated my heart and mind to my family. Once my children were grown, I felt the call to write stronger than ever. I reinvented myself; I starting writing books, many of which were published, and attended screenplay writing courses. I am an ingenious writer and blank pages excite me. Pages are impatient, authoritarian, spoiled and uncompromising but we understand one another right away. I love to create, they love to be created.

I have pursued my biggest dream, having my two favorite family movies made, “The Pioneers of Maui” and “Swordfingers”, stubbornly and with lots of sacrifice for years. However, I have also discovered that having talent enriched by the “Three P’s” is just not enough. Without a “lucky break” you won’t get anywhere. So, I don’t know whether my dream will come true or not , but I have no regrets. It has turned my life into the most incredible, spiced up novel ever.